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Basic Facility Maintenance Measures Can Lead to Energy Savings

As Crockett Facilities Services manages the maintenance and operations of buildings for our customers, our goal is to constantly identify and implement measures that reduce energy and improve the operating efficiency of mechanical and HVAC equipment. To help achieve these goals, we conduct preventive maintenance, evaluate the Building Automation System (BAS) and conduct daily equipment tours.

The BAS system is the first line of defense for energy savings, followed by a site-specific Building Operating Plan (BOP). When reviewing the BAS system on a daily basis, we check the data to determine if the equipment is running outside of the designated parameters, overshooting temperature settings. This could indicate that a sensor is not functioning properly and or a valve that is sticking. When these are noticed, our technicians go directly to the area and confirm proper operation of the system or recalibration or replacement of the sensor. In conjunction with the BOP, we make sure that the heating and cooling systems are not both running simultaneously unless needed to manage the environment. We ensure that we are receiving free cooling when available and when the conditions dictate. Our technicians adjust lighting schedules based on building occupancy so lights are not turned on when the building is vacant. When light bulbs need replacing, we look for energy-efficient options.

Daily tours in a building represent another way to identify potential energy savings. During the tours, our engineers look closely at each piece of equipment to ensure that everything is connected and functioning, properly, checking for loose wires or dampers not hooked up – listening for abnormal noises that could indicate problems. When the data is available, we look at past and present readings to evaluate trends and identify potential issues. Cooling towers are checked to ensure they are not overflowing; auto blow devices are checked to see if they are stuck open and functioning properly. Lawn watering schedules are adjusted based on recent rainfall as most lawns only require one inch of rain per week; hose nozzles are inspected for any damage. When we replace or repair equipment, we seek out alternative energy efficient options.

When making changes in the daily operations of our buildings, we use a Systems Thinking approach. We evaluate the changes we are making and how they will affect other building operating systems. What may have been acceptable in the past may not be acceptable now.

These are just a few of the things that can be done on a daily basis to improve energy efficiency. As we proactively manage the buildings for our commercial and government customers, we are constantly identifying new ways to help our customers improve their ROI and to operate their buildings at peak efficiency.

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About Crockett Facilities Services, Inc.

Crockett Facilities Services, Inc. (CFSI), a woman-owned, MDOT MBE contractor, delivers building operations and maintenance, mechanical contracting, heating and air conditioning services to commercial and government clients. CFSI’s Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) STAR and GreenSTAR certified technicians maximize operational efficiency and ensure continuous systems operations, helping building owners and property managers control capital expenditures and reduce energy consumption. CFSI President Cynthia Crockett recently received the 2012 Minority Business Leader Award from the Washington Business Journal and was named a Smart100 member by Baltimore SmartCEO magazine in 2011. Listed as a top 10 mechanical contractor in the Washington Business Journal and certified by WBENC and MD/DC MSDC, CFSI’s awards include the Blue Ribbon, Small Business Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Contractor of the Year from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service.

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