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Building Engineer Staffing

Property Management is finding it more difficult to hire technical talent such as building engineers and in recent years the time required to fill these jobs has caused service disruptions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), estimates the current HVAC technician shortage at 70,000, and that there will be a need for 115,000 new HVACR professionals to meet the demand within the next four years! With the current workforce estimated to be around 230,000, that would equal an increase of almost 50%. Meanwhile, the BLS believes there will be a loss of about 12,000 workers per year. This is a huge problem. It’s easy to see that if something isn’t done soon, the HVACR workforce will shrink to less than 210,000 by 2022 — a loss of 20,000. With a need for 330,000 workers in the HVACR industry, more than 36% of these jobs would be vacant.

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