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CFSI quoted in Article, “Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist”

Fall HVAC Maintenance

Crockett Facilities Services, Inc. (CFSI) marketing director Diane McClelland was recently quoted in the article, “Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist.” McClelland was one of several HVAC experts asked to weigh in on the subject of fall maintenance to help business owners and building managers prepare for the coming winter season.

In the article, McClelland stressed the importance of annual HVAC inspections and cleaning in terms of equipment efficiency.

“We’ve had strange things happen, like stinkbugs and mice in the systems that people didn’t clean,” said McClelland. “While those things don’t prevent the equipment from operating, it may not run as efficiently. People may not even realize there’s a problem.”

Additional Fall HVAC Maintenance Tasks

  1. Assess Initial Damage, Dirt, and Risk: Your first fall HVAC maintenance task involves cleaning and repairing the system and anything that affects its operation. The primary areas of concern are the envelope, pipes, and equipment.
  2. Consider Control Settings: Next, verify the operating schedules for all departments or groups in your building. Examine your current settings and devise ways to curb usage to better suit your needs. You may find that you are running the system too often, which could be the reason for those high utility bills.
  3. Check Equipment Function: Is your HVAC equipment fully functional?
  4. Identify Operational Inefficiencies: Is your HVAC system as efficient as it could be?

Making minor adjustments, cleaning, checking for proper performance, replacing worn parts, and more all add up to better performance, fewer issues down the road, and reduced energy usage. Preventive maintenance upfront before your HVAC equipment fails will save you money in the long run, and help to ensure your tenants are satisfied with comfortable indoor temperatures.

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