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Crockett Facilities Services President Cynthia Crockett Honored at The Minority Business Leader Awards 2012


President Cynthia Esparza Crockett of Crockett Facilities Services Inc. is honored at The Minority Business Leader Awards 2012

On Friday March 16th the Washington Business Journal held the Minority Business Leader Awards 2012, ceremony in Washington, D.C.

The award ceremony had 25 honorees from a diverse cross-section of industries and locations. They shared invaluable lessons about Business leadership to help anyone who is running a business to be successful business owners. They also provided sound advice for anyone dreaming to start their own business. Some topics covered were how to increase sales, boost profits and stay ahead of the competition.

Crockett Facilities Services President and Owner, Cynthia Esparza Crockett was one of the 25 honorees.

Crockett started Crockett Facilities Services Inc. with her husband in 1999. Today, the company specializes in facilities maintenance and heating as well as ventilation and air conditioning services. The company has 200+ employees.

Here are some of Crockett’s responses to questions asked of her at the Minority Business Leader Awards 2012:

The Biggest Challenge Facing Minority Business Leaders Today

When asked what is the biggest challenge facing minority business leaders today, Crockett said that she believed being a minority business is more of an opportunity to get business than a disadvantage because there are so many government entrees utilizing minority status.

From her personal experience, she told the Washington Business Journal that once you get established, nobody cares what status you are as long as you do a great job. She sees herself being born Hispanic a blessing, not a curse. So she does not look at it as being a disadvantage.

Being Happy To Do Your Work Will Bring Success

One thing that has made Crockett’s business a success is that she is happy to do her job. When asked what makes her excited to come to work in the morning, she answered that interacting with her employees makes her enjoy work.

To Maintain Success You Have To Maintain Business Development Goals

Crockett wants to continuously make sure that Crockett Facilities Services is properly growing. She is trying to get the company to have a 50/50 split between government and commercial contracts. Right now, Crockett Facilities Services gets 80 percent of its business from government work.

Crockett is setting a goal for a 50/50 split between government and commercial contracts because she never wants her employees to worry about whether they will be getting a paycheck. She genuinely cares about all of her employees, describing them as great people.

For more on Crockett’s Q&A with the Washington Business Journal click here. In a special Washington Business Journal issue, there will be content based on interviews from all 25 honorees. Here is the Washington Business Journal interview with Crockett. She is discussing her experience being a Minority Business Leader.

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