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Custodial Maintenance Services: How To Go Green With Green Cleaning Products

If you are a company looking to go green, a great way to start is going green with your cleaning. This article will provide tips on making your office building clean and safe through green cleaning.

Green cleaning products and natural cleaners are environmentally smart to use to clean your office building in a safe, non-toxic way. Below are green cleaning measures that can be used to clean office space, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and even windows.

Some green cleaning basics are natural cleaning products listed here:

One natural cleaning product is baking soda used to scrub out grit and remove acids such as lemon juice and vinegar. Another natural cleaner is white vinegar, which disinfects and loosens dirt. You can use lemon juice to disinfect and cut through grease. Or you can use olive oil to pick up dirt and polish wood.

Natural cleaners are great for quick clean ups but for an office building commercial green cleaning products work better. Commercial cleaning products have no mixing or measuring. There is no need to scrub and or scour surfaces. In fact, most commercial cleaning products are all-purpose cleaners.

Some fresh air and green cleaning products can go a long way. Crockett Facilities Services is here to help you go green.

We can help you keep your commercial buildings clean and operating at peak efficiency and maximum comfort. Our goal is to deliver total customer satisfaction.

To improve your building system performance and reliability, Crockett Facilities Services’ MSCA Star certified technicians provide a full range of maintenance and operations services.

Crockett Facilities Services not only offer Green Cleaning Custodial services but the following service offerings:

-Building operations, maintenance and repair.

-Equipment installation

-Equipment tours and standing programs

-Mission critical data center maintenance

-HVAC, Pluming and electrical MR&I

-Mechanical Services

-Construction management oversight

-General contracting; building renovation

-Energy services and efficiency audits

-Capital equipment program planning and MORE!

We are your complete solution for integrated facility operations and maintenance services

If you need services or have any questions contact Crockett Facilities Services at 301.262.2771 or click here today!

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Source: 8 Tips for Green Cleaning

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