Integrated Facilities Services

CFS-142Integrated Facilities Services for your Mechanical, HVAC, Data Center Cooling and Custodial Needs

Building systems are the lifeblood of a facility. They need lighting, water, heating and cooling to be habitable and safe. These systems also require ongoing maintenance and management to operate continuously and effectively, without downtime. We can manage all of your building’s operational needs to simplify your workload and improve cost-efficiencies.

When we manage the maintenance and operations of your buildings, we constantly identify and implement measures that reduce energy usage and improve the operating efficiency of the mechanical and HVAC equipment. Whether you require stationary on-site support or our mobile services to supplement your in-house facility management team, we can customize our service offerings to meet your needs and budget.

15Mobile Engineering Services

When it’s not necessary or economically feasible to have a full-time engineer on-site, we can help. We offer mobile engineering service plans to meet your needs and budget. Our mobile engineers have fully-equipped trucks with all the essential tools to perform general building inspections, basic maintenance services, and equipment deficiency repairs.

We realize that all buildings are different, with unique challenges, requirements, and budgets. That’s why we will work with you to create a customized building engineering service plan based on the following services.

  • Plumbing inspection of restrooms, water fountains, water heaters, etc.
  • Interior inspection of common areas, hallways, stairs, and lobbies, including checking ceiling tiles, lighting, elevators, entrances, and exits for proper operation and appearance
  • Exterior inspection of building, loading docks, parking lots, roof, and exterior lighting
  • Visual inspection and recording of mechanical equipment operation
  • Generator and fire pump operation and exercise

In addition to the above services, our team can provide HVAC installations, repairs, retrofits, preventive maintenance, energy audits, and some basic electrical, plumbing, and lighting services.