Employee Productivity Depends on Comfortable Temperatures

December 19th, 2017
Employee Productivity Depends on Comfortable Temperatures

When you are responsible for taking care of your employees, how can you ensure their comfort and productivity?

Business owners and facility managers both value employee productivity. But when you are responsible for taking care of your employees, how can you ensure they are as comfortable and productive as possible? That aspect of your business depends on the temperature inside your building. You don’t want them sweating in the summer or freezing in the winter. As the holidays approach, let’s discuss the impact building temperature has on employee productivity.

The Importance of Comfort

Don’t forget that your employees care about their productivity levels as much as you do. While you might feel comfortable in warmer or colder settings, consider how the temperature settings made you uncomfortable. You’ll only be able to focus on how uncomfortable you are, and not the work in front of you. Your employees will most likely grow increasingly frustrated when they feel like their own comfort isn’t as highly valued, especially if they are unable to adjust the thermostat accordingly. According to a survey conducted by Software Advice, and supported by scientific studies, men and women also prefer different temperatures, although the ideal temperature seems to be near 70 degrees Fahrenheit. How old are your employees? Factor in how older employees are more likely to be distracted by the temperature in the office than their younger counterparts.

Improving Productivity

When it comes to boosting productivity, it might be worth it to look into upgrading your current commercial HVAC system or retrofitting it with smart controls. One solution to try is to assign different temperatures to different areas of your building. However, you should remember that once it’s cold outside every day, air conditioning won’t be much help.

IAQ Matters: Did you know that unhealthy IAQ can affect how well your employees work? Their performance will dip anywhere between 6 and 9 percent. Although that seems like a small number, never underestimate how much of a difference that can make in real-world terms.  

Making IAQ Better: Timely and thorough maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is the key to improving your building’s IAQ. Changing the air filters on a more frequent basis, whether you do it yourself or call a professional for help, can be a small step towards making your IAQ better. Another option is to use an air purifier, which can clean the air more effectively than a simple filter can. And although you don’t want to burden your employees with excessive cleaning, encouraging them to keep a clean space and minimize dust and trash can also keep the air fresh and smelling great, making everyone feel better.

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