The Importance of Cleaning Air Ducts for Commercial HVAC Systems

December 5th, 2017
The Importance of Cleaning Air Ducts for Commercial HVAC Systems

Find out more about the why keeping clean air ducts for your building’s commercial HVAC systems are so crucial.

Where is your building located? Old cities often host newer buildings, but even newer buildings can experience problems with their HVAC systems. Commercial HVAC systems can work efficiently even if the building constantly faces a barrage of pollutants, contaminants, and allergens. Clean air ducts are one of the most critical elements of these vital systems. Find out more about the why keeping clean air ducts for your building’s commercial HVAC systems are so crucial.

Clean Air Ducts Reduce Strong Odors

Even when all of the furnishings inside an older building are changed, that same stale smell might linger. It behooves business owners and property managers to make their facilities as comfortable for employees and visitors alike, and part of the process involves reducing strong odors of any kind. That strange, unpleasant smell might be due to the hidden presence of mold or mildew, both of which can be potent allergens. If you believe mold is present, you should have your air ducts inspected and cleaned out so your commercial HVAC systems no longer circulate contaminated air.

Boosts Indoor Air Quality

We’ve previously discussed the importance of excellent indoor air quality. In addition to properly-regulated temperatures, improving your building’s IAQ allows every occupant to feel more comfortable. What can cause the IAQ to suffer?

Smog: No matter what city your business calls home, there’s bound to be plenty of smog from all of the vehicles and industrial output. Smog can easily infiltrate your commercial HVAC systems and their air ducts.

Dust: Dust is more common in older buildings, but even newer buildings can be dusty if the proper upkeep isn’t practiced.

Chemicals: Unfortunately, cleaning chemicals can leave behind fumes that might be hard to detect. These fumes can linger in your air ducts without your knowledge.

Allergens: We have touched on mold and dust as allergens, but pollen and germs present problems as well. Winter is already going to see stronger allergies compounded by cold and flu season.

Minimizes Dust

Dust can present more problems than just common health issues. Excessive amounts of dust can slow down critical equipment in your building, from security systems to computer servers. The cleaners you employ to make sure your offices are kept clean might be giving you higher rates to get rid of all of the dust. Also remember the effect that a dusty environment has on the impressions of your visitors, customers, and clients – it’s not a good one. Besides cleaning your existing air ducts, switching out air filters will contribute to reducing dust while improving the performance of your commercial HVAC systems.

Cleaner Commercial HVAC Systems Work Better

When your commercial HVAC systems have to work harder to overcome issues such as clogged air filters and dirty air ducts, it can lead to disappointing results and unsatisfactory performance. Working better means working smarter, so ensure that the air ducts in your commercial HVAC systems are kept as clean as possible.

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