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3 Easy Ways to Extend the Service Lifespan of Your Commercial HVAC System

3 Easy Ways to Extend the Service Lifespan of Your Commercial HVAC System

Preventative maintenance is a key part of keeping any HVAC system in good condition.

Preventative maintenance is a key part of keeping any HVAC system in good condition. Commercial HVAC systems have different needs than similar units deployed for residential uses. That said, building owners and facility managers have multiple means at their disposal for prolonging the overall expected lifespan of their current commercial HVAC system. One way to do this is by engaging the expert technicians at Crockett Facilities. Here now is a look at some helpful suggestions for what to do next. 

Budget for Periodic Preventative Maintenance 

The first step in this process involves revising your budget. While the bottom line is one of the most important factors in keeping your business thriving year after year, that cannot come at the expense of preventive maintenance. These inspections and repairs can extend the lifespan of your current unit by replacing components that wear down before total failure compromises the integrity of the system that can lead to devastating downtime. Indoor air quality can suffer when you do not take steps to remediate problems such as dust, mold, and toxic fumes. One consequence of this scenario is that you could be held liable for potential lawsuits. 

Make Time for Maintenance Each Month 

To prevent this unpleasant situation from becoming a reality, it is imperative that you set aside a window of time for preventive maintenance to be completed every month. While some businesses wait three months, six months, or even entire years before addressing any problems related to their commercial HVAC systems, this is not a sustainable solution. Whichever day you select in a given month, make it a priority to schedule it around the same time every month. Replacement air filters can remove contaminants such as dust and mold, and one filter could last up to six months when kept clean on a regular basis. A condition log including timely photographs will be immensely beneficial to verify month-to-month changes in case the filters deteriorate. 

Along with the filters, be sure to have the evaporator coils maintained. This preventative measure also helps reduce the amount of dust, mold, and moisture that can build up on units that are “out of sight and out of mind” so to speak. Meanwhile, condenser coils that are kept outside your building, perhaps on the rooftop, also call for inspections to guarantee cleanliness and smooth operation. Freshly-cleaned coils allow commercial HVAC systems to save more energy while they are running, 

Arrange Annual Inspections Before Problems Arise 

Finally, be sure to arrange annual inspections before any problems make their presence known. Staying on top of tasks such as this is essential for confirming there are no leaks or other issues affecting the system as a whole. Dampers need to be cleaned, bearings need to be replaced, belts need to be mended, and fans need to be repaired whenever necessary; however, it is feasible for these changes to be completed once every two years as long as inspections are kept to a reasonable timeframe.  

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