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3 Innovative Ways to Reconfigure Your Existing HVAC System for a Modernized Office Space

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Many companies (and residential households, for that matter) are striving to improve their HVAC energy efficiency scores.

How old is your current HVAC system? When you are planning a major renovation of your building, many factors could delay your progress. As times change, workplace settings also evolve. With more employees coming back into the office, it’s high time to do something about the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning that serves everyone under your roof. What are some key takeaways for you? Well, let’s break it down. 

Decrease Cooling Loads While Increasing Energy Efficiency 

Many companies (and residential households, for that matter) are striving to improve their HVAC energy efficiency scores. One of the quickest ways to achieve this goal is by decreasing the overall demand for cooling loads. Newly-opened floor space will lead you to think in similar, less constrained patterns. Saving energy costs is as easy as investing in thicker insulation for walls, floors, and windows. However, in some cases, that might not be going far enough. Tinted Low-E glass can help bring in daylight while tempering solar gain. Cooling lighting types along with systems that will dim or turn off in the presence of ambient sunshine sound like expensive upgrades, but you’ll find that they are worthwhile investments. 

Ensure That Your System is the Right Size

Improperly sized HVAC systems are going to harm your bottom line. Optimizing your HVAC system design depends on multiple factors, but there will be some unexpected pitfalls along the way. For instance, it’s easy to think that a bigger system is the solution to all of your problems. Unfortunately, this is a misconception – and it could lead to short-cycling issues that will either overheat everyone or freeze them out.

Create Multiple Control Zones 

Another solid piece of advice we have for you sounds complicated. That said, establishing multiple HVAC system control zones isn’t as complex as you might assume. One unit can serve an entire office, but there are several requirements that you’ll need to plan for to make this happen. Perimeter spaces are subject to more severe changes in temperature, while server rooms and R&D labs will need stricter humidity control. Likewise, conference rooms, lunch areas, and other communal spaces will need to be kept cooler when people are inside them. 

Crockett Facilities Can Help!

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