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Advantages of Variable Speed HVAC Systems

crockett facilities Variable Speed HVAC Systems

What’s amazing about variable speed HVAC systems is that they are energy savers.

Back then, an HVAC was simple. A furnace warmed your home, and an air conditioner cooled it. And just about everybody had a round, dial-a-temperature thermostat that was easy to use. Since then, technological innovations in heating and cooling have happened. One of the innovations that are heavily involved is variable speed HVAC systems.

They Save Energy

What’s amazing about variable speed HVAC systems is that they are energy savers. Most higher-efficiency heating and cooling systems achieve their ratings with variable-speed technology. These systems can help you save money on your energy bills, and some might qualify for local utility company rebates. How?

· Variable speed HVAC systems use less electricity by continuously running their heating or cooling cycles at lower speeds.

· Single-speed HVAC systems waste energy continuously turning on and off and running at full speed.

Constant Comfort

Moreover, variable speed HVAC systems help maintain the air in your home consistently closer to the temperature set on your thermostat. As a result, you’ll receive consistent comfort with fewer cold spots and hot spots around the house.

In contrast, single-speed systems turn on at full blast to arrive at the right temperature, then shut off when it has arrived. When the temperature decreases, the system turns on again, and the cycle continues with moody temperature swings.

The Capacity to Control Humidity

During the summertime, sticky, humid air can usually make you more uncomfortable than hot temperatures. While all air conditioners eliminate a little humidity from the indoor air during the cooling process, others complete a better job than others. Variable speed HVAC systems can more efficiently control humidity than standard, single-speed systems because they can operate for more extended periods of time. Thus, they can eliminate more moisture from the air so that you can feel comfortable.

Enhanced Air Quality

Lastly, all indoor comfort systems have some type of air filter near the indoor air handler unit. Because variable speed HVAC systems run continuously, the air inside your home is constantly filtered. Thus, cleaner indoor air quality.

Overall, there are several reasons why variable speed HVAC systems are so appealing. Contact us today for more information!

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