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Industrial HVAC Systems and the Effects of Summer

Industrial HVAC Systems and the Effects of Summer

Industrial HVAC systems will be working even harder to keep up with the cooling demands as the temperatures continue to rise.

Even though you may notice a slowdown in terms of business during the summer, that doesn’t mean your employees will be any less busy. Industrial HVAC systems will be working even harder to keep up with the cooling demands as the temperatures continue to rise. Here is a look at the effects of summer and what you can do about them. 

Warm Season Problems 

Warm weather means the HVAC system needs to work harder. If you had it optimized before spring returned, then you should be fine. However, if you kept putting off this process in the name of saving some money, then you are probably regretting your decision now. Since fan and compressors have to keep running longer hours, they will use more power and wear down more quickly. This means that preventative maintenance becomes even more important than it did before. 

Pay attention to how hot it gets inside what is known as the control vestibule. These rising temperatures can interfere with the operation of your building’s HVAC system.  This means lowered performance and reduced service lifespan, too. 

If the system is too old or the wrong size, then that will affect how well the system runs. Systems older than twenty years old need to be replaced. Likewise, if the original building has expanded, then the newer wings will need just as much heating and cooling. Upgrading your industrial HVAC system is just a fact of life.

Without proper circulation, indoor air quality declines. In turn, this causes your employees to become increasingly uncomfortable, interrupting their workflow. This situation must not be allowed to continue, as it is hazardous to the health of everyone in the building and can damage your reputation with potential clients and customers.

Ensuring Smooth Operation   

One way to ensure smooth operation and employees that feel better is to get the system running before they arrive and keep it running after they leave for the evening. Turn off the heating mode during the summer. This function won’t be necessary until the fall and winter when temperatures drop precipitously; at the same time, you don’t want your offices to be too cold due to the air conditioning being cranked up as far as it can go.  Part of increasing the comfort in your building involves making sure that the air filters are changed whenever necessary and all maintenance is taken care of on time.

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