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Now is the Time to Confront Leaking Refrigerant

Now is the Time to Confront Leaking Refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant could deplete your supply right before you need it most.

Spring is only about a month away. Although it doesn’t seem like it right now, warmer temperatures are on their way. For instance, early forecasts call for a spell of milder weather. That will certainly be a relief to everyone affected by the most recent winter storm. As heating season recedes, however, turning your attention to the upcoming cooling season is pragmatic and proactive. Leaking refrigerant could deplete your supply right before you need it most. Deal with it before this minor issue becomes a full-blown crisis.

Why Does Refrigerant Start to Leak? 

Suppose that you comply with the laws prohibiting the use of R-22. This refrigerant material was found to be toxic to the environment and was thus banned. When you switched it out for a different formula, you might have encountered troublesome leaks that were patched up without incident. Even so, those repairs can wear out over time, resulting in a new cycle of inspections and repairs. The system vibrates when it operates, and these vibrations will take their toll. Typical wear-and-tear and corrosion also play a part in causing AC refrigerant leaks. That’s because cracks, gaps, and holes can form – and then give the liquid a way to escape. Older connections can also decay as time goes on, so aging systems are more vulnerable to catastrophic breakdowns caused by a lack of coolants. 

Properly Addressing the Problem 

Once confronted with this problem, you’ll have to make a choice. That choice has to do with how you plan on responding to the situation. Putting more refrigerants in sounds simple, but it will not work for long. Unscrupulous HVAC companies will encourage you to do this in an attempt to pump you for your money. Reputable companies, however, will not do this. Instead, they’ll find and fix the leaks, holes, and cracks that still exist. Sealants are also a seemingly magical solution – but they are only temporary and could cause further damage if unexpected blockages hinder the system.

Begin Consulting Expert Technicians 

All of this means one thing: that you need to hire professional technicians and rely on their expertise. They can quickly diagnose the problem at hand and determine where the leaks are hiding in plain sight. Then they’ll replace the corroded coils with newer, higher-quality ones. Many business owners may balk at the high costs of such upgrades. Even so, it makes more sense, from a financial standpoint, to do this as opposed to short-term stopgap fixes that are not sustainable in the long run.  

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