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Optimizing HVAC Equipment for All Facilities

Optimizing HVAC Equipment for All Facilities

That means something in your HVAC equipment has probably gone wrong or is underperforming.

Now that temperatures are always in the upper 80s and low 90s, it feels like summer has come early. The summer solstice isn’t for several more weeks, and yet whenever you and your employees come into work, you’re already sweating. That means something in your HVAC equipment has probably gone wrong or is underperforming. Here is how to optimize HVAC equipment for all of your facilities.

Dealing with Boilers

What are the boilers like right now? Although you relied on them during the winter months, with the heat returning, boilers are probably going to be going dormant. Since they won’t need to see as much use, now would be the ideal time to apply upgrades and assess the extent of performance issues. Think about it this way: how much space is there in your boiler room? Will there be enough to install and accommodate the upgraded boilers? Is it easy to get to from where it is? All of these are essential questions to answer when giving your boilers a tuneup. All HVAC equipment is not created equal.

Dealing with Chillers

As May turns into June, temperatures are only going to keep going up. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your building’s chillers are working the way they are supposed to; don’t overlook the maintenance procedures for these pieces of HVAC equipment. Then there is the matter of installing replacement units. The capacity of the new chillers you install could be different; don’t feel as though you have to shackle yourself to the same function that the old chillers had. Determine what the cooling load is now since your workspace could either expand or begin to shrink over the years – perhaps you no longer need to keep the first floor offices cooled since they are being turned over to another business.

Dealing with Air Handlers

Finally, you will need to deal with air handlers to make sure that you can make the most of your facility’s indoor air quality. You’ll probably have to upgrade the capacity while ensuring that inspections will reveal if any components need to be removed for repairs. The coils, racks, controls, dampers, and ductwork could all need some maintenance. It’s your duty as a facility manager to find out what is wrong and get it all taken care of before it’s too late.

Crockett Facilities Can Help!

Crockett Facilities Services, Inc. (CFSI) is committed to helping building owners, property managers, engineers, and facility professionals lower their operating expenses through HVAC preventive maintenance. We can develop a cost-effective, customized preventive maintenance plan for your commercial building that will provide you with peace of mind, improved comfort, and energy savings. Click Here to Request a Quote

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