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Safety First: The Evolution Captive Safety Workshop

Safety First: The Evolution Captive Safety Workshop

Here at Crockett Facilities, our Safety Committee is doing some exciting things! One of the events that the team recently attended was the Evolution Captive Safety Workshop.

Here at Crockett Facilities, our Safety Committee is doing some exciting things! One of the events that the team recently attended was the Evolution Captive Safety Workshop. This event took place in Baltimore, Maryland, and included several tremendously valuable courses, such as The Importance of Teamwork in Safety, Active Shooter Training, and Behavior-Based Safety. Our excellent team is an integral part of our success. We’re thrilled to have such a dedicated and fantastic squad as part of our family. 

Captive Resources

Captive Resources conducted this event. Learning from the best is the name of the game here. That’s because the focus is on running safety and risk control workshops that benefit their clients and partners. Enhancing safety training is one of the best ways to help all businesses thrive. 

The mission of Captive Resources is to help all members leverage insurance to their fullest potential. What this means is that all insurance costs must be kept under control. This goal can be achieved by the formation of group captive insurance companies managed and owned by individual member businesses. 

One of the ways that this mission is accomplished in practice is through the work completed by insurance professionals. These professionals offer an abundance of advice relating to difficult topics such as safety and claims processing, operational oversight, managing applicable risks, how to maintain financial resources and take advantage of financial services, and maximize their returns from investment services.

Workshop Structure

Motivational keynote speakers are an essential element of workshops overseen by Captive Resources. Experts also give presentations on a variety of subjects geared towards workplace safety: 

  • Distracted driving
  • Workplace fatigue
  • Fall protection
  • Cultural influences
  • Workplace violence
  • Substance issues

All members are also encouraged to share with newer attendees their results based on past workshops. Filing safety and claims processes can be confusing. This also facilitates continued networking and exchanging best practices related to improving security and risk management.

Recent Workshop Topics

  1. Selling Safety through Employee Recognition Programs
  2. Contractual Risk Transfer
  3. Business Continuity Planning
  4. Distracted Driving: An Integrated Fleet Solution
  5. Post-Offer/Pre-Placement Functional Employment Testing
  6. Lessons from Losses: Transitional Duty
  7. Fatigue Prevention & Control Best Practices
  8. Nurse Triage Services

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