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The Importance of Coil Cleaning for Commercial HVAC Systems

The Importance of Coil Cleaning for Commercial HVAC Systems

As summer approaches, making sure that coil cleaning is taken care of becomes even more critical.

The coils in air conditioners allow them to run more smoothly. This isn’t much different in commercial HVAC systems that are hidden in the buildings where you work and shop. All buildings, commercial or otherwise, need to have an HVAC system to keep up with heating and cooling demands. As summer approaches, making sure that coil cleaning is taken care of becomes even more critical.

Coils and Cleaning

The evaporator coil and the condenser coil both need to be kept clean and well-maintained. If they aren’t, then something will interfere in the regular operation of your HVAC system. Thus, if the HVAC system isn’t working, your space will either be too cold or too hot. Both can be equally uncomfortable, no matter what the outside temperatures are like on any given day. The evaporator is responsible for capturing heat and humidity and is a crucial component of the air handlers in your facility.

The condenser takes that heat and vents it back into the air outside the building. However, since the condenser units are outside, they are much more likely to wear out and be covered in soot much more quickly than their indoor counterparts. Without regular cleaning, both components will stop working as usual.

Dust Problems

You will also need to be vigilant against dust. This isn’t just because dust is one of the common allergens around. Dirt can clog up the air vents in your HVAC systems, choke the ducts, and cause the evaporator and condenser coils to overload. If your system gets too dusty, then the odds are good that you require urgent coil cleaning. Dust can make all systems work harder to compensate for reduced airflow and also contribute to the decreased air quality inside your commercial building.

The Perils of Dirty Coils

Let’s now take a look at the perils of dirty coils. The longer that the coils are allowed to remain filthy, either through negligence or budget issues, means that the problems will be correspondingly more difficult to rectify. Heat transfer doesn’t work as well as it should. Cooling cycles aren’t as effective, and your commercial HVAC unit has to kick on more often and stay on longer than it needs to do as a result.

Crockett Facilities Can Help!

Crockett Facilities Services, Inc. (CFSI) is committed to helping building owners, property managers, engineers, and facility professionals lower their operating expenses through HVAC preventive maintenance. We can develop a cost-effective, customized preventive maintenance plan for your commercial building that will provide you with peace of mind, improved comfort, and energy savings.

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