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Tips for Improving Airflow

Tips for Improving Airflow

Airflow and indoor air quality make much more of a difference than it might seem at first glance.

Airflow and indoor air quality make much more of a difference than it might seem at first glance. If your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, then it will stifle the airflow and create an uncomfortable work environment. Without proper airflow, your building won’t operate at peak efficiency, and you might unwittingly contribute to sick building syndrome. Here are some useful tips to follow

Look for Ventilation Blockages

One of the first steps is to look for ventilation blockages. These contribute heavily to any potential airflow obstructions. All vents and registers need to be kept open. Furniture and other office items can block airflow more easily than you might expect. When moving from one office to the next always check the air registers for proper airflow.   

Get Rid of Debris 

The second step is to get rid of debris. Any debris that builds up around the exterior unit restricts the airflow into the unit. The condenser needs to be left unobstructed or else it might run the risk of overheating. Any leaves or other natural debris need to be removed so that they don’t continue to cause problems. Additionally, clearances around the airflow condensers need to adhere to manufacturers’ specifications for proper operation. Always have equipment installed by licensed technicians. 

Change Out the Filters

In many residential properties, it is often much easier to change out the filters for the air conditioning unit. It’s not the same for commercial properties, however. Clogged filters restrict airflow which could result in frozen cooling coils, which in turn will shut down the unit and result in repair costs. Filters need to be examined frequently in high traffic areas such as buildings located near major roadways or next to industrial applications. Clogged filters decrease the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. 

Get Ductwork Inspected 

Along with everything else, the ductwork needs to be kept in good condition. Many ducts are hidden inside walls and crawl spaces that make them much harder to access. In some cases, ductwork contains fire dampers that can close due to mechanical failure blocking all air downstream of the damper. Additionally, some ductwork is crushed or severely damaged over the course of time due to poor design and neglect. Call Crockett Facilities today and have a professional come to inspect the ducts to ensure that they are working as they should be. 

Get Coils Cleaned  

The cooling coils also need to be kept clean. Clean coils facilitate the heat transfer process which increases overall system efficiency.  Care must be taken to use the proper cleaning materials and techniques so as not to introduce foreign chemicals into the air distribution system.  Consult with a licensed HVAC technician to perform this task.  

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