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Why Controlling Workplace Temperature Matters

Why Controlling Workplace Temperature Matters

This tactic becomes even more common when you don’t do an excellent job of controlling workplace temperatures. So let’s find out why it is so essential that you do.

The closer we get to December, the more it feels like winter is already here. Many days are blustery, windy, and above all else, cold! That means your employees are likely putting away the desk fans and reaching for portable space heaters instead. This tactic becomes even more common when you don’t do an excellent job of controlling workplace temperatures. So let’s find out why it is so essential that you do. 

It Affects Productivity 

For starters, the environment inside your commercial building affects your team more than you might expect. Their productivity levels dip when they can’t concentrate, and it impacts everyone – whether they are in sales, design, or content production. Because they are so distracted, everyone will start to make more mistakes. This drawback, in turn, causes them to lose even more time because they need to go back and fix what they did wrong instead of being able to move on. Don’t underestimate how badly this can erode morale and the mental health of your employees, which is just as if not more important than their physical well-being!

It Reduces Creativity 

Let’s suppose that as a business, one of your calling cards is innovation. Your creativity is what allows you to stay ahead of your competition. But when your workplace temperature is all over the place, it also decreases everybody’s creative potential. It’s essential to keep everyone warm during the late fall and early winter, but you also don’t want them to roast. 

You Get and Keep More Talent 

Keeping a stable workforce is crucial. If you are growing concerned about your company’s unusually high turnover rate, then your office space could be telling you something. Prospective employees will gauge how much they will want to work there based on how comfortable your environs are. This fact doesn’t only influence recruitment and job acceptance; it can also change the mindset of the employees you already have on your payroll. According to a study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design, 51% of employees will seriously consider seeking other employment if they are suffering from an inconsistent temperature, airflow, and air quality control. Plus, poor temperature control can ruin morale and cause your HVAC system to work on overdrive. 

Crockett Facilities Can Help!

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