Why an HVAC System Evaluation is Vital when Upgrading

April 13th, 2016

Eventually, a facility’s HVAC system will need upgraded or replaced. It’s a lengthy, sometimes-disruptive process which requires extensive planning and thought. Of course, the benefits greatly outweigh the time and planning required. One thing to keep in mind when planning an upgrade is the importance of an HVAC system evaluation.hvac-system-evaluation

Learn more about HVAC system evaluations and why they’re so vital for facility HVAC upgrades in this informative article.

What is an HVAC system evaluation?

An HVAC system evaluation is a thorough, component-by-component evaluation of the entire facility’s current HVAC equipment. These in-depth evaluations provide insight into what needs to be done or fixed for maximum system efficiency. It also analyzes the facility’s operations and how the current system handles these operations. Size, space, climate, and various other factors are taken into consideration to decide what changes or upgrades should be made.

Why is it vital?

HVAC efficiency and longevity depends on a thorough evaluation. Since the evaluation takes into consideration all relevant factors, it gives the facility the best chance to make the most out of upgrades or changes. Any repairs that need to be made are also identified and taken care of, as well as anything else that may negatively impact efficiency or reliability of the HVAC system.

Time and money are saved as well. With all necessary repairs, replacements and upgrade identified in the beginning, there’s less time and money spent on maintaining and running the HVAC system down the road. Efficiency of an HVAC system has a HUGE impact of facility electricity consumption, given its heavy energy demands. A system running at maximum efficiency shaves a considerable amount off of monthly energy bills.

One last benefit that facility owners and managers often forget about is compliance and regulation checks. The evaluation will ensure current and future equipment and changes comply with current regulations and standards for HVAC equipment. Anyone who has ever dealt with the headache of fixing non-compliant HVAC equipment knows how important it is to have this evaluated up front.

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