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3 Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Building Cool without Overworking Your HVAC

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We’ve put together this list of ways for keeping your commercial building cool as a way to ease the strain on your AC, even if you have one that is top-of-the-line!

Ninety-degree heat is never pleasant. If it is dangerous enough to be out in that kind of heat, imagine what it is like to participate in some hard labor – such as construction work. Commercial buildings – whether offices or not – are beginning to fill up again. That means your HVAC system could very quickly become worn out by the increased demand. We’ve put together this list of ways for keeping your commercial building cool as a way to ease the strain on your AC, even if you have one that is top-of-the-line! 

Retrofit Some New Screen Doors 

On the surface, the idea of using screen doors to cool down your building sounds counterintuitive. However, you would be surprised by how effective it is. For one thing, it helps save money on your electricity bill. Screen doors allow more fresh air to come in; this also prevents any security issues arising from leaving the door wide-open all of the time. Strip doors or curtains are also inexpensive and convenient solutions. So if you wish to go down this route, be sure to contact a team of qualified and accredited building engineers. That way, the logistics of maximizing your indoor airflow and air quality will be a snap!

Install Higher-Quality Insulation 

Good insulation makes more of a difference than you might think. Office spaces often feature different dimensions and require different cooling systems than other types of commercial buildings do. Commercial-grade air conditioners can only do so much. Adequate insulation seals in the cold air in the summer, and during the winter, it will hold in the warm air. 

Use Ceiling Fans to Their Full Potential   

Ceiling fans are immensely popular, and they are also excellent cooling solutions. The biggest advantage of using these fans in tandem with your commercial air conditioner is that they can get the air moving more vigorously. 

High ceilings, though, will present a logistical problem due to the way thermodynamics work. So that’s why you’ll want to find fans capable of running at high volumes while also operating at relatively lower speeds. Portable industrial fans can also be a boon on those scorching summer days, especially once June melts in July and July slides into August.

If there is large machinery currently idling, shut them down until they are needed again. That’s because these machines will generate overwhelming amounts of heat if left to their own devices. Likewise, take advantage of cross breezes produced by windows, doors, and other strategically placed fans.  

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