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4 Commercial HVAC Problems That Happen All the Time

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Your commercial HVAC system probably needs upkeep now that a mild spring is behind us.

It’s the middle of June. Summertime is basically upon us. That’s why every day feels like a scorcher. Even if you think the latest heatwave is over since storms have helped cool the air outside, that might just be a mirage born of wishful thinking. Your commercial HVAC system probably needs upkeep now that a mild spring is behind us. Summer weather can be intolerably hot, so what should you do to brace yourself for the next blast of hundred-degree heat? Let us explain! 

Awful Indoor Air Quality 

During the stifling summer months, outdoor air quality is already bad enough. But poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can be even worse. That’s because it can be detrimental to your workers’ health, not to mention their productivity or ability to provide the best customer service they can – no matter what you do to serve your community. One more thing – two common culprits that drag down your IAQ are, for example, dirty air filters and even gas leaks!

An Inadequate Amount of Airflow 

When the airflow is not balanced properly, everyone will be suffering as a result. Even though it’s terribly hot outside, no one wants to be freezing. Let’s say that the C-level executive suites are frigid, but the front desk is boiling – this is a sign of inconsistent airflow. Leaks and cracks in your ductwork are behind this unpleasant scenario, so if you suspect that could be the case, it’s time to call technicians who can rectify it for you! 

Unusual Noises That You’ve Never Heard Before 

Your commercial HVAC system should be humming along without making a fuss about their load demands. However, this blissful situation can be interrupted when the unit needs maintenance, but it has been postponed one too many times. As a result, you might start to notice weird noises that you’ve never heard before. This irritating sound comes from a loose piece of the ductwork or a misaligned fan.   

Overestimating or Underestimating the Size of the System 

Correctly sizing the capacity of your new commercial HVAC system isn’t as simple as it sounds. Surprisingly enough, it is complex enough to baffle end-users who aren’t familiar with the inner workings of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning machines. For example, suppose the newly installed system is too small – in that case, it won’t deliver enough heating or cooling. Likewise, if it is too large, it will just waste energy instead

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