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4 Common Problems That Affect Commercial HVAC Systems

4 Common Problems That Affect Commercial HVAC Systems

All commercial HVAC systems need to be optimized so that they can run as smoothly as possible.

All commercial HVAC systems need to be optimized so that they can run as smoothly as possible. The problem is that, just as with people, no system is perfect. Several annoying issues can affect your business, all because everyone inside is too uncomfortable to focus on getting any work done. 

Not Enough Refrigerant

One of the most common issues is when there isn’t enough refrigerant to keep the system running. This dilemma can be especially problematic during the hot days of July and August. Without enough coolant, the commercial HVAC unit will be unable to provide any cooling relief. Replacing the refrigerant seems like the most straightforward solution, but it may not be as simple as that. Finding and fixing any leaks will also help rectify the situation. More than one hole will make the process take longer, so it’s best to be prepared for that outcome.  

Coils are Frozen

Another problem is when the coils attached to the commercial HVAC system are frozen. Warm air around the coils helps them continue to work as they should. If the coils freeze because of the refrigerant, then you will either receive warm air or nothing at all – neither of which is pleasant on a ninety-degree day!

Coils are Dirty

Cleaning the coils is essential, but most facility managers don’t understand how to do this. Thus,  it is best left to the experts. When the coils are choked with dust, dirt, and other debris, then they need to be cleaned. Otherwise, heat transfer won’t happen, and it can backfire on the entire system, not just the outflow. 

The Fan is Broken

We always expect the fans to work, bringing in fresher air no matter where we are in the building. This is an ordinary sight in both homes and businesses, but since commercial buildings have so many more people in them, all adding their own body heat, it can become uncomfortable much more quickly. That’s why fan motors need to be maintained, and the fans need to be lubricated whenever necessary.

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