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Four Types of Building Maintenance Services and Repairs


Four Types of Building Maintenance Services and Repairs

Building maintenance includes a variety of tasks, services, and repairs routinely done to preserve a building and its property.

Building maintenance includes a variety of tasks, services, and repairs done by designated workers routinely to preserve a building and its property. Routine building maintenance aims to consistently service and maintains a building, ensuring that its functional and occupants are comfortable and safe. Building repairs and maintenance services mainly ensure a building is updated and abiding by the implemented codes and regulations. Below is a list of four common repairs and services used for building maintenance. These repairs contribute to building maintenance services done on a reoccurring basis.

Daily Repairs

Daily repairs are the most common services necessary for maintaining a building. Daily repairs often include service repairs or maintenance from a building’s interior or exterior. These services include plumbing jobs, minor electrical repairs, cleaning, or landscaping. Although these services seem insignificant, they are necessary for ensuring occupant satisfaction and that the building functions properly throughout the day.

Annual Repairs

Annual repairs aren’t done as frequently as daily repairs, but they’re just as significant. This maintenance service is generally carried out to preserve and maintain a buildings’ health, aesthetics, life. Annual repair services can vary from jobs like painting, distempering, and many others. These jobs are usually scheduled yearly or carried out periodically. Annual repairs ultimately contribute to the maintenance of a building while also enhancing its appearance.

Special Repairs

Special repairs are often done on buildings to replace or restore the existing parts of buildings and services that have deteriorated over time. It is a necessary service that ensures the longevity of a building bringing it back to its original or as close to its original conditions as possible. Special repairs are a service that’s generally not planned or scheduled. However, these services are essential but aren’t regularly needed.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a type of maintenance service that includes all activities honed to prevent shutdowns, breakdowns, major repairs, or replacements of varying units and their systems. Preventive maintenance focuses on being proactive rather than reactive.

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