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The Importance of Routine Building Maintenance

The Importance of Routine Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is essential in ensuring a building is a safe, sustainable, functional, and valuable place to live.

Building maintenance consists of varying services, tasks, and activities done routinely to preserve a building and its property. Building maintenance entails services such as HVAC maintenance, electrical maintenance, painting, landscaping, cleaning, routine inspections, and repairs are amongst the few. Each service is essential in ensuring a building is a safe, sustainable, functional, and valuable place to live. The majority of these services should be scheduled and done on a reoccurring basis. Buildings generally function less effectively over time due to the outdoor elements and climate, occupants and their daily usage, outdated or ineffective technology, and many other reasons. Stopping, delaying, or discontinuing building maintenance can have significant consequences for the building and the people who inhabit it.

Health and Safety

One of the most critical reasons for regular building maintenance is to guarantee the health and safety of its occupants. A poorly maintained building is a major health and safety risk for the building, its occupants, and the people and areas surrounding it. Routine building maintenance guarantees that a building is up to date with the necessary health and safety requirements, practices, and guidelines.

Longevity and Sustainability

Routine building maintenance is key in ensuring the longevity of your building. Poorly maintained buildings are guaranteed to deteriorate eventually, directly impacting the building’s occupants, business, and the environment. Scheduling your building for routine maintenance services makes your building more likely to sustain throughout the years against the weather, occupants, repairs, and outdated and new technology.


Over time, minor untreated maintenance issues can become major problems at major costs. The lack of maintenance in a building can result in occupant complaints, lawsuits, depreciation of the building’s value, major repairs. It can ultimately increase the rate of required maintenance and its cost. Regularly scheduling building maintenance can prevent minor issues from becoming major ones while preparing you for unexpected costs and additional expenses.

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