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Prepping Your HVAC System for the New Year

Prepping Your HVAC System for the New Year

Annual HVAC maintenance ensures that your HVAC’s heating and cooling systems are in good condition and are working efficiently.

The New Year is one of the best times to bring about change in your life. With the new year, there’s an abundance of opportunities for change and improving your life for the better. This year, in addition to your other plans and resolutions, you should also include a resolution to improve your HVAC system’s health, which can ultimately affect the health of your home.

Changing Your Air Filter

Your air filter should be changed regularly. It is a very simple yet important task in HVAC maintenance. Air filters keep the flowing air in your home clean and free of contaminants, improving the air quality of your home, allowing your HVAC system to run more efficiently. Air filters will become clogged with contaminants such as dust and dirt, reducing airflow as time progresses. Changing your air filter is critical in maintaining a functioning HVAC system.

Routine Maintenance

Annual maintenance is a must for your HVAC. Annual HVAC maintenance ensures that your HVAC’s heating and cooling systems are in good condition and are working efficiently. Routine maintenance check-ups for your HVAC system ensure that any problems your HVAC system has will be caught early on before they become significant, prolonging the life of your system and ensuring that it continues to run efficiently. Staying up to date with your HVAC system provides you with the benefits of healthy heating and cooling systems.

Keep Clean Air Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts is so easy to overlook, yet it’s one of the key components in maintaining your HVAC system. Your air ducts should be cleaned every so often to ensure clean air flows within your home and your HVAC system runs efficiently. If it’s been more than three years, it is recommended to set a plan to get your air ducts cleaned this year.

An Upgraded HVAC System

Knowing when to upgrade your HVAC system is essential. Generally, HVAC systems last around 10 to 15 years before giving out. If your HVAC is nearing its peak, it’s time to consider upgrading it for the new year. The benefits of having an upgraded HVAC system exceed the costs of keeping your old one.

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