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How Do Cooling Towers Operate in Commercial HVAC Systems?

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How do cooling towers operate?

How do cooling towers operate? These systems are used in many Maryland commercial facilities for effective air conditioning. Commercial HVAC systems with cooling towers have a higher energy efficiency than other units. So, how do they work? Keep reading to learn more about how cooling towers operate in commercial HVAC systems.

What Are Cooling Towers and Where Are They Used?

Cooling towers remove unwanted heat from chillers. They work as a heat removal device that uses water as a heat transfer medium. Then, evaporation removes heat from the water supply. It does this by pumping water to the top of the tower and moving down flow plates to the basin. In addition, air passes through the plates and over the water, releasing heat via evaporation as it circles through the cooling tower.

Moreover, cooling towers often serve industries such as:

  • Food processing
  • Refineries
  • Natural gas processing
  • Food processing
  • Power plants
  • Steel Mills

How Do Cooling Towers Operate in Commercial HVAC Systems?

The goal of HVAC systems in commercial buildings is to cool and heat a significant area. And the size of the units must increase to the space you want to supply conditioned air. Additionally, cooling towers are sturdier, bigger, and receive more work than smaller systems. They also allow for high-quality air with less energy when involved with a commercial HVAC system.

Furthermore, the design and size of cooling towers rely on the cooling load of the space they are installed to serve. Also, consider the building size, humidity levels, and other factors when determining cooling tower size. So, this provides an optimal solution to unexpected breakdowns since commercial HVAC units must cool large areas.

Regular Maintenance for Cooling Towers

Cooling towers require specific maintenance since they are on their own regarding cooling technology. Smart maintenance practices enhance how cooling towers function to save facilities time and money. Here are some simple maintenance tips:

  • Thorough cleaning of the cooling tower’s interior at least twice a year will prevent harmful bacteria like mold from developing.
  • Plus, eliminating scale deposits will prevent the cooling towers from decreasing the system’s efficiency.
  • Completing regular water treatments will ensure your water is top-notch and not ruin your cooling tower.
  • Lastly, a cooling tower’s mechanical parts (motors, belts, and fans) require constant inspection and occasional adjustments.

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