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Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial HVAC System for Fall

crockett facilities Maintaining Your Commercial HVAC System for Fall

Follow these tips to ensure your commercial HVAC system is ready for the fall.

As the cold weather soon approaches, it’s a great time to start maintaining your commercial HVAC system for fall. Your HVAC system must be in top working condition to maintain your building warm during the winter. So, follow these tips to ensure your commercial HVAC system is ready for the fall.

Complete Maintenance as Usual

HVAC systems are complex since they have many moving parts. So, they need a lot of maintenance. You should be completing routine maintenance all year long to be on the safe side. That way, you can catch, prevent, and fix any future problems before fall. In addition, a typical check-up should include:

  • Check the thermostat settings
  • Examine for any electrical connections
  • Determine the moving parts have lubrication
  • Make sure to condensate the drain

Replace the Air Filter

Moreover, replacing the air filter on your HVAC system is another way of maintaining your commercial HVAC system for fall. You need to replace it every 1-3 months. This is important since a poorly working air filter can negatively affect the system’s functionality.

Clean Your HVAC System After the Summer

Furthermore, most HVAC systems might have wear and tear after summer ends. Wash away any bird droppings with a strong cleaning solution – a mixture of hypochlorite and bleach. You should also clean up the surrounding area, eliminate any debris, and ensure everything is neat. Overall, this is a simple way of maintaining your commercial HVAC system for fall.

Analyze for Any Sounds or Odors

Have you noticed an odd odor? Have you heard weird sounds lately? There can be an underlying problem if the HVAC doesn’t sound or smell like it’s supposed to. Try to find the root of the problem and fix it before fall arrives.

If Necessary, Replace Your HVAC System

Lastly, you may want to replace your commercial HVAC system if you are unhappy with the inspection results. The system has to function harder to ventilate and warm the office as the weather becomes colder. Therefore, you can be dealing with expensive consequences if it’s not working correctly. For the most part, fall is an ideal time to replace your HVAC system in the Maryland area.

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