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How Does Bipolar Ionization Work?

Crockett Facilities Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar ionization is a method that minimizes viruses from the air.

So, what is bipolar ionization? Also known as needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI), it is a method that can assist minimize viruses from the air. However, it can create unknown and possibly harmful side effects. Let’s break down its function, benefits, and side effects.

What is Bipolar Ionization?

Bipolar ionization charges particles to purify the air. It’s often installed into existing HVAC systems in education or commercial settings. These compact, high voltage devices also use charged plates to make positively or negatively charged ions.

Also, these ions attract and grab specific airborne particulates and pathogens. The negative ionization inside portable air purifiers utilizes a different NPBI, and these systems are often tested and certified for continued use within occupied areas.

How Does Bipolar Ionization Technology Work?

Moreover, there are two primary methods found in bipolar ionization units. The first one consists of using high voltage electricity to charge air molecules. It turns them into separated particles – negative and positive – pushing them to search and lock themselves on to another particle to balance themselves out.

Furthermore, the other method uses a balanced ion generator to balance a static charge and eliminate harmful particles within the air. Also, the particles are charged through electrostatic released by the air purifier. Lastly, the particles are guided to a nearby conductor to be grounded and eliminated from the air source.

Considering Adding a Bipolar Ionizer to Your Air Purifier?

Additionally, many restaurants, schools, medical settings, and businesses have installed portable air purifiers within their buildings to reduce the spread of pathogens and viruses. However, these settings can implement air purifier devices not appropriate for their areas or use unproven air-cleaning devices without guidance.

What Are the Side Effects?

Unfortunately, bipolar ionization is said to create ozone, which can be dangerous to your health. Ozone may also interact with other air contaminants and boost pollutants. Overall, this method may not be an effective solution if a business aims to minimize exposure to viruses, mold spores, and common airborne contaminants.

Ultimately, a HEPA filtration is mainly recommended by industry subject matter experts. Air purifiers, including HEPA filters, can offer a variety of benefits. These benefits boost air changes in a room and minimize common airborne pathogens.

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