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Tips to Keep Your HVAC System Functioning Well During the Summer

crockett facilities Keep Your HVAC System Functioning Well During the Summer

Learn how to keep your HVAC system functioning well during the summer.

Keeping your air conditioning working smoothly during the hot summer is a necessity. Not only is it uncomfortable to lose AC during the warmest season of the year, but it can also be dangerous for the elderly population or young children. Keep reading to learn more about our tips to keep your HVAC system functioning well during the summer.

Complete Yearly HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems require regular maintenance, just like cars. You could produce potential expensive problems if you let your unit collect dirt or fail to replace parts when they break down or wear out. In addition, you must get your air conditioning serviced once a year based on how frequently you run your AC unit.

Start Your HVAC System A Month Before You Need It

Another way to keep your HVAC system functioning well during the summer is always to start your unit at least a month before you need it. This method will help determine if you need to schedule an AC tune-up before the summer. Also, you should contact a maintenance service if your AC unit produces weird smells or leaks, makes strange noises, cycles on and off, or has other abnormal symptoms.

Moreover, you can reduce the stress on your AC unit by catching an issue before the summer season starts. This will help ensure that your HVAC system is ready to function when temperatures rise.

Clean Your HVAC System Regularly

Furthermore, eliminating dust and debris from your AC unit is another way to keep your HVAC system functioning well during the summer. Otherwise, they can cycle dirty air around your home and significantly lower your air quality. Both problems can provoke reduced efficiency of your AC unit and impact your health.

Turn Up the Temperature Slightly

Lastly, we all like to set our thermostat temperature lower than necessary during the summer. However, it’s also possible to comfortably increase the thermostat temperature by a couple of degrees. You will save significantly on your monthly energy bills if you turn the temperature slightly.

So, there are two solutions to help you save money:

  • Use fans for cycling the cool air throughout the house
  • Or install a ductless mini-unit in the rooms where you prefer a lower temperature

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