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Is Your Air Compressor Failing?

Is Your Air Compressor Failing?

Your air compressor needs to continue running smoothly. If it doesn’t, then it can affect the indoor air quality of your building.

Your air compressor needs to continue running smoothly. If it doesn’t, then it can affect the indoor air quality of your building. Without the compressor, your air conditioning system can’t run as well as it used to once upon a time when it was first installed. How do you know it has failed? Let’s find out. 

It Doesn’t Turn On 

One of the ways you know something is wrong is when the system doesn’t turn on after being activated. Even though the weather is cooling off, there are several different reasons why it could be too hot inside your space – maybe it’s because of the body heat inside a conference room, or the server room is running hotter than usual. Either way, when the AC system doesn’t turn on, it means that the air compressor could have failed. 

It Blows Hot Air

Since it can be cold and drafty in the fall, you might not think that hot air is a problem. After all, it can be a relief given how cold it can get outside. The condenser running normally doesn’t always mean that everything is operational; that’s mainly because the air compressor could still blow out at any moment. The most important takeaway from dealing with this problem is that there could be a refrigerant leak that you don’t know about, and that could be the actual culprit. 

The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

When the condenser unit outside loses power, it could also trip the circuit breaker. The reason this happens is that the compressor overheats and then the emergency shutoff kicks in, preventing any further collateral damage. Resetting the system could end up doing more harm than good because the circuit breaker is designed to protect your premises against potential fire hazards. 

Unit Vibration 

One major problem is when the outside unit vibrates too hard. This can create a ton of distracting noise that affects your employees’ ability to focus on their work. Whenever the compressor performs a hard start, you can tell because the process is accompanied by this violent shaking. If you see this happen, shut the system off and call your HVAC preventative maintenance partner to come and service it right away!

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