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More Advantages of Rooftop HVAC Units

More Advantages of Rooftop HVAC Units

Now that you know more about rooftop HVAC units, it’s time to think more seriously about integrating them into the design of your commercial building.

Now that you know more about rooftop HVAC units, it’s time to think more seriously about integrating them into the design of your commercial building. Business owners, building owners, and property managers all need to know these benefits, even if they don’t have to expertise to install and maintain the systems in question.


Standard RTUs provide some benefits that you might not see right away, but this isn’t a reason to feel discouraged. Instead of scrapping the entire upgrade project, there is an alternative: high-performance rooftop HVAC units. The higher-performance have more capacity, and in theory, more power to distribute conditioned air through your building while using less energy overall. 


High-performance rooftop HVAC units often feature multiple compressors working in unison. Most standard units get by with only one compressor. Although redundancy is usually seen as wasteful, in this case, it’s a worthwhile investment. These compressors include sophisticated features such as digital step control and variable frequency drives. Electronic expansion valves and refrigerant reheat are also nifty features that older models do not have. 

Variable speed condenser fans can also run more quietly. This means that they won’t be as disruptive to your office environment, no matter how busy it gets. Protecting your workers from hearing damage is part of ensuring workplace safety, and it’s something that can’t be overlooked, whatever it takes. The housings of these units are also injected with foam and are thermally broken, which means that they are more flexible than their counterparts when customization. 

Digital controllers make setting the thermostat easier, and there are also some elegant solutions for monitoring energy consumption since power metering and airflow measurement stations are essential features of high-performance rooftop HVAC units. These units also incorporate several direct-drive supply fans to help survive times of high demand and environmental stress due to extreme outdoor temperatures due to summertime heat waves. Finally, these units also help boost your company’s energy efficiency efforts by leveraging evaporative condensing.  


A high-performance rooftop unit was tested against a standard-performance unit to measure how efficient each model was. Both models had the same capacity and office footprint to cool down. Ultimately, it was determined that the high-performance rooftop unit provided an energy efficiency ratio of 31% – meaning it was 31% more efficient than the comparison unit. 


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