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What Consumers Need to Know About HVAC Supply Shortages

What Consumers Need to Know About HVAC Supply Shortages

Currently, there’s a shortage of products, materials, equipment, and labor in the HVAC industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on altering the realities of the world globally. It had significant effects on health, jobs, schooling, and ultimately everyday life. One of the major impacts of COVID-19 had been on the world’s global supply chain. Currently, we are experiencing shortages in products, materials, equipment, and labor in various industries, including the HVAC industry.


The HVAC industry was directly impacted by the global supply chain shortage brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, there’s currently a shortage of the necessary materials, parts, and equipment required to make HVAC systems and parts. Along with missing materials, there’s also a limited supply of workers available. Both businesses and consumers feel the negative impacts of supply chain issues, product shortages, delayed shipping, inflation, and decreased labor.


Consequently, homeowners and building owners are feeling the negative impacts of HVAC supply shortages, including extended service times, delayed shipping on HVAC systems and parts, and increased service costs, to name a few.

When scheduling service for your residential or commercial HVAC unit, you may experience these issues:

Increasing Prices

With demand exceeding supply, increasing supply costs, labor shortages, and increased wages, HVAC systems, parts, and services have increased in price for consumers. Because companies are paying more for labor and material, consumers also feel the impact of rising inflationary prices on products and services. As a way to combat increasing HVAC costs, consumers can schedule and practice routine preventive maintenance to ensure that their HVAC system is running efficiently, preventing your system from needing frequent servicing, major repairs, or replacement.

Extended Wait Times

Waiting times for HVAC parts can vary from weeks or even months. With limited HVAC parts, products, and equipment, meeting consumers exceeding needs will take some time. HVAC service times may also be delayed due to a shortage of workers. To overcome this dilemma, consumers can schedule services before their required time to prevent your HVAC system from failing, along with ordering HVAC parts and equipment as soon as possible.

Patience, planning, and communication with your contractor will also go a long way in surviving these times of global supply shortages.

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