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What HVAC Supply Shortages Mean for Customers

What HVAC Supply Shortages Mean for Customers

HVAC industries are experiencing shortages and delays of key materials, parts, resources, equipment, and labor.

Along with impacting the world, the COVID-19 pandemic also significantly impacted the world’s supply chain. Currently, we’re experiencing shortages in supplies within various industries, struggling to meet the high demand of consumers. The HVAC industry took a major hit due to supply chain shortages. HVAC industries are experiencing shortages and delays of key materials, parts, resources, equipment, and labor. As a result, customers are consequently experiencing delayed service times and higher service costs. Although it is expected that supply chain issues will resolve in the near future, as an owner and user of HVAC systems, it is best to be informed and prepared for what’s next to come in the HVAC industry.

Increased Service Time and Costs

As a result of HVAC supply and labor shortages, supply, labor, and service costs have had significant price increases within the HVAC industry. Along with price increases, lack of labor and parts has put a strain on the HVAC industry, creating a delay in service times. With an increased demand for contractors, companies have to increase their wages to attract and retain employees. As a result of companies currently paying more for labor, parts, materials, and equipment, service costs have also increased.


HVAC maintenance is more important than ever with the current supply and labor shortages. Maintenance is key in ensuring your HVAC system runs efficiently and prolongs your system’s life. It catches minor problems and repairs in your HVAC system before they become major, preventing expensive repairs and replacement costs.

Below is a list of maintenance tasks you can do to ensure your home’s HVAC system is healthy and running efficiently:

  • Regularly checking/cleaning/changing your air filter
  • Cleaning/checking your ducts
  • Regulating home temperatures
  • Look for common signs linked to HVAC repairs/replacements
  • Scheduling routine checkups and maintenance

HVAC Repair and Replacement

Even with regular maintenance, HVAC repairs and replacements are inevitable. Catching minor HVAC issues before they expand can result in quick repairs and cheap repair costs. However, if you are constantly paying for HVAC repairs or your system is nearing the end of its life expectancy, it’s time to replace it. The sooner you contact an HVAC contractor, the quicker your HVAC system can be repaired, replaced, or installed.

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