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What’s Causing HVAC Supply Shortages?

What’s Causing HVAC Supply Shortages?

Global supply chain shortages have limited and restricted the availability of labor, materials, resources, and production within the HVAC industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected many things globally, including economies, jobs, public health, schooling, and so much more. However, one of the most significant impacts was the global supply chain. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused shortages in the global supply chain, limiting and restricting the availability of labor, materials, resources, and production, impacting many industries, especially the HVAC industry. Although global supply chain issues are expected to be resolved in the near future, listed below are some of the common causes of HVAC supply shortages and their impact on the HVAC industry and consumers.

Labor Shortages

Like most industries in today’s climate, the HVAC industry is experiencing higher-than-normal labor shortages. Due to a lack of workforce, HVAC businesses cannot make or distribute HVAC equipment, resulting in increased service times and costs.

Product Shortages

As mentioned above, global supply chain shortages have caused shortages and delays for many of the parts, components, and materials necessary for manufacturing and repairing HVAC units. There are shortages in many HVAC parts, including microchips, semiconductors, compressors, motors, and many of the raw materials needed to create these parts like copper, steel, aluminum, and plastic. Consequently, shortages of HVAC products have resulted in significant price increases within the HVAC industry, causing rising inflationary costs in labor and parts.

Supply and Demand

As global supply chain shortages continue, many HVAC companies are struggling to meet the heightened demand of consumers with the limited supply of products and services. However, many HVAC companies are changing their suppliers, strategically purchasing inventory, and maintaining consistent communication with suppliers and customers to accommodate consumers.

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