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How Can You Make Your Hospital’s HVAC System Even Better?

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Is your hospital’s HVAC system capable of keeping up with the massive increase in load demands?

Hospitals are overwhelmed. That statement is not intended to be an exaggeration. It’s a true and dire description of the major consequences of the COVID pandemic. Infectious diseases have always been a problem throughout human history. That said, such a huge crisis has not existed in over a century (The Spanish flu), thus the urgent need for clean and safe-to-breathe air. Is your hospital’s HVAC system capable of keeping up with the massive increase in load demands? It’s time to test that theory and answer that question! 

Invest in Better Filters – MERV 13 At Least 

Every HVAC system’s first line of defense is its set of air filters. When was the last time you had your filters inspected, let alone changed? Hospitals are hectic environments where something is always happening, and patients require excellent care. One way to assure everyone they have clean air is by investing in high-quality filters. Look for the MERV 13 rating, at the very least. This upgrade aids your efforts to improve sterilization within your hospital’s walls.

Keep Temperature and Humidity Levels in Check 

The next suggestion we have is to monitor the thermostat. While this isn’t always possible for human operators or system administrators, a building automation system (BAS) can step in and make a spectacular difference. Changing the indoor temperature and climate conditions helps to destroy pathogens. Unfortunately, it can also help viruses thrive. Work with a highly-reputable commercial HVAC partner to decide which equipment will be the most effective and beneficial for your facility. 

Ensure a Steady Supply of Energy

Changing your hospital’s standard operating procedures is a tremendously difficult task. However, for all of this to work, you’ll need an uninterrupted power flow. Electricity makes the world run, and for your hospital to be at full efficiency, you’ll require as much power as you can get. Any downtime, however temporary, is detrimental to keeping everyone safe. That’s one of the most compelling reasons why preventative maintenance matters so much. Even with the best upkeep, though, catastrophe can strike. Power outages and other sudden failures are typically beyond your control, but you can do your best to prepare for them and mitigate what comes next.    

Use Backup Generators As Needed  

For that reason, it is essential to procure and maintain high-capacity backup generators. These powerful machines make a remarkable difference in ensuring the continuity of HVAC unit operation. 

Crockett Facilities Can Help!

Crockett Facilities Services, Inc. (CFSI) is committed to helping building owners, property managers, engineers, and facility professionals navigate the post-COVID-19 environment. We can develop a cost-effective, customized program for your building that will mitigate the potential health risks of COVID-19.  Click Here to Request a Quote!

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