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What Should Facility Managers Know About HVAC Zoning?

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Luckily, HVAC zoning serves as a technological innovation that can sidestep issues related to this confounding situation.

Facility managers are tasked with many complicated duties. Among other things, they have to monitor the conditions within the building. Part of that obligation is that they need to know how well the HVAC system works. If it isn’t running at full capacity or even at an acceptable level, there might be an unknown and unexpected problem interfering with its smooth operation. Luckily, HVAC zoning serves as a technological innovation that can sidestep issues related to this confounding situation. 

The Advantages of Room-By-Room Control 

One of the biggest benefits of switching to a zoned HVAC setup is the amount of control it provides you. HVAC zoning turns out to be a massive asset when you want to improve energy efficiency. Plus, this configuration makes each room within your building more comfortable because adequate ventilation levels help transfer heating and cooling where they need to go.

How to Establish Zones for Each Part of the Office 

So then, how do you go about establishing each “zone” in your office? Think about typical occupancy levels to determine these settings. After that, you can calibrate the temperatures for each zone. Once all of this is configured, the system can take care of the rest by keeping the designated temperatures steady. And the best part is that you won’t have to put up with excessive noise – noise which can disrupt your operations and shatter your employees’ ability to concentrate on getting their work done, whatever that entails.   

The Inner Workings of the System 

Next, let’s discuss the finer points of the HVAC zoning strategy. It unifies the operations of the comfort controls, the outdoor (or rooftop) unit, and the indoor unit. Since it’s the heating season, it’s vital to know how you can make your office warmer without feeling overheated. It has to do with refrigerant; the liquid in the outdoor unit traps any ambient heat and distributes it to the indoor units. Power regulators adjust the flow of electricity, which in turn diminishes energy consumption and reduces the amount of potential waste. Everyone under your roof – employees, customers, clients, visitors – all benefit as a result.    

If It Will Save Energy and Money

Facility managers will be glad that they made this investment. Why is that? Because making this upgrade saves energy and money. In short, your bottom line will thank you. Full-cycles and short-cycles are both problematic; striking a balance between them is the best way forward. 

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