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A Guide to Dealing with Moisture-Related Commercial HVAC Issues

moisture commercial hvac issues crockett facilities

Do your building tenants a favor and follow along as we guide you through solving moisture issues.

Various uncomfortable issues like nosebleeds, chapped lips, and migraines are indications something is wrong. Why is that? Even if you suffer from your problems all the time, they can get worse if there isn’t enough moisture in the air around you. Comfort, health, and safety are all intertwined. Do your building tenants a favor and follow along as we guide you through solving moisture issues. 

Configure High-Powered Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Our first piece of advice involves humidity control. These devices make considerable differences when it comes to making your building more comfortable. The dehumidifier will remove moisture, while the humidifier does the opposite. Another suggestion is to adjust the airflow. Why does this matter?

For one thing, it decreases the humidity level. And it slows down how fast the air moves around. While it sounds like counterproductive advice, you’ll be surprised by how effective it is. Remember: too much humidity is just as bad as not enough. 

Inspect the Condition of the Building’s Integrity 

After that, be sure to inspect the building’s integrity more closely. Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of facility maintenance and management – inadequate ventilation leads to poor indoor air quality. In turn, it might increase the chances of sick building syndrome developing. Basements, crawl spaces, and server rooms are other areas that call for better ventilation and temperature controls. Look around for zones that seem particularly damp. Leaks on walls, roofs, and foundations can be problematic as well. Improve seals used to insulate doors and windows. Perhaps it’s also worthwhile to investigate whether or not the landscaping and irrigation systems contribute to moisture issues. Plumbing leaks can lead to further water damage. Be on guard against warning signs indicating as much.   

Consider Renovating Your Office If Needed  

Consider renovating the rest of your facility if it is necessary. As insignificant as this sounds, moving plants around does help. Besides, arranging for roof repairs or replacements is well worth the investment. They can prevent leaks, especially when paired with waterproofing. Upgrade exhaust fans, downspouts, and gutters. Lastly, begin thinking about where you can remove carpeting and where it makes sense to add some more. Although this sounds like extremely odd advice, it helps to reduce dust and dust mites.  

Crockett Facilities Can Help!

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