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How to Protect Your HVAC During a Cold Snap

How to Protect Your HVAC During a Cold Snap

Any HVAC unit that stops working when you need it most can grind productivity to a halt.

Winter is still here. Even though spring is poking its head out of the ground, that might not feel like it will last. Any HVAC unit that stops working when you need it most can grind productivity to a halt. Don’t leave all of your building’s inhabitants shivering through their workday. It’s time to step up and protect your HVAC system against the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it. Let’s find out how!

Avoiding Possible Damage

Doing your best to prevent possible damage is the key step here. After all, stopping the weather in its tracks is almost always the best course of action. Water damage is most often caused by rain, snowmelt, or excess moisture building up in the ductwork. All three sources can contribute to the growth of mold. The mold then aggravates sick building syndrome, in which everyone inside all gets a cold or perhaps the flu just from the air they are trying to breathe.

Dealing with Ice 

As we mentioned above, ice is another hazard you will have to deal with: slips, trips, and falls shouldn’t be your only concerns. Water that leaks into the heat pump can cause it to freeze and start to malfunction. This situation is a potential safety hazard waiting to happen. If the fan blades are stuck, then they can’t push warmer air through the system of ducts located around the building. Since the server rooms where you store valuable computer equipment can get especially hot, this might seem like a blessing in disguise at first, but this isn’t always the case. 

Brainstorming Potential Fixes 

That means it’s time to start coming up with solutions. Forward-thinking companies can overcome the issues presented by downtime. Even for smaller businesses without access to vast reserves of resources, some shrewd investments can pay off more than you ever dreamed that they could. Adding a new drainage system makes an enormous difference when it comes to protecting your system and insulating it against wind, rain, ice, and snow!

Crockett Facilities Can Help!

Crockett Facilities Services, Inc. (CFSI) is committed to helping building owners, property managers, engineers, and facility professionals lower their operating expenses through HVAC preventive maintenance. We can develop a cost-effective, customized preventive maintenance plan for your commercial building that will provide you with peace of mind, improved comfort, and energy savings. Click Here to Request a Quote

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